Cabling and Bracing from Professional Arborists: Serving Guelph and Surrounding Areas

Trees with multiple trunks or trunk defects sometimes require additional support to help hold them together and reduce the risk of breakage. In many cases, we can use cables between separate trunks so that one trunk may support another. Typically, we use two types of cables: static steel and dynamic rope. Static steel cables are used to hold the limbs rigid and usually require drilling through the trunk to install the steel hardware. The other is dynamic rope cable, which allows the limbs to flex and develop more annual wood growth in reaction to movement. Dynamic cables are installed around the trunk and do not require drilling through the trunk. A combination of the two systems is also used when necessary. Cabling systems should be inspected annually or after major storm events to assess the need for adjustments. To learn more about cabling and bracing, call Full Circle Tree Care today.

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